Are you currently in Grade 11? Are you interested in taking Dual Credit Camosun courses next year here at Spectrum? We will be offering the following courses: Art 102, Psychology 154, Marketing 110, Accounting 110, Business 140, Physics 104, Criminology 154. If you would like to learn more about these classes or apply early to ensure a spot in the class for 2019-2020, please see Ms. Condie in the CRC.

There are two compliments for today. First, to Josh Saunders: You look very nice today, Sir. And to Kaleb Berman: I like your jeep.

Hey Spectrum music fans!! Two more album reviews from Mr. Parker’s History of Rock & Roll class have been posted on the Spectrum website: Moe F. reviews Songs of Innocence   by U2…..and Harleen P. reviews Love Yourself: Tear by BTS. Go to the Spectrum website and click on ‘News and Events’ to see what albums your fellow Hokies recommend!!

All basketball clothing orders need to be given to Mrs. Bott by Monday, December 3rd.

Today’s Golden Ticket Riddle is “if you are hungry, try this place for a meal, their prices are reasonable”. If you find one golden ticket you can claim one of 6 lunches for two or you can try and find three to win one of the remaining grade prizes! When you find a ticket, complete it and bring it to the office. No one found yesterday’s ticket so it is still up for grabs.