Cops for Cancer

The school has been busy fund raising for our fall “Cops for Cancer” Campaign.

Please check out the Spectrum Cops For Cancer – Tour De Rock 2017 Campaign Page – and consider donating!

Here are a couple of video’s for you to check out!

  • The video of our staff car wash fund-raiser that took place June 24th at the school – $780 raised!
  • The hi-lite video of last years Cops for Cancer Campaign.

Our fall Kick-off was on Friday, September 15th.  Mr. House was “arrested”, bail money was collected among the staff and students to set him free – but only after his head was shaved for the cause!

Upcoming events:

  • Monday, Sept. 25: Science Staff gets “Fired UP” in the Foyer at Lunch
  • Tuesday, Sept. 26: Karaoke in the Foyer at Lunch
  • Wednesday, Sept 27: Spin Bikes – in the Foyer all day – all grades and staff – Talk to Ms. Condie to Sign up!
    • Social Justice Club in the Foyer at Lunch
  • Thursday, Sept. 28: Spin Bikes – in the Foyer all day – all grades and staff.
  • Friday, Sept. 29: Spin Bikes – in the Foyer all day – all grades and staff

Our Spin Bike competition will take place Sept. 27-29 with each grade and staff competing to out-distance and out-fund-raise each other. (Riders are needed in each grade! Riders will collect pledges – with a minimum of $20 to participate – forms can be picked up from Ms. Condie)

Wednesday, October 4th will be our big Head-Shave day! Students wanting to participate can pick up a pledge form with Mr. Thatcher or online on the Cops-for-Cancer fund-raising page.

Thursday, October 5th the Riders arrive!

Please consider donating in any way possible; every amount is greatly appreciated!