Annual Holiday Food Hamper Drive

Imagine not having enough money to provide food for your family each day, let alone having extra for shortbread cookies, candy canes, gifts or decorations.

December marks the beginning of a wonderful tradition at Spectrum that represents a lot of what Spectrum culture is all about. Our school is made up of a diverse group of families from many backgrounds and economic conditions. In the Spirit of taking care of our Spectrum families in need we happily provide food and cash to approximately 30 families who have met difficult times financially. Our families in need are often working more than full time at low wage jobs, paying high rent and trying to purchase food at an ever inflating rate. Some of our families are suffering with disabilities and other medical conditions that affect their ability to provide for their families.

Your contribution, food or cash, provides a bonus to these families during the holidays. Please consider donating to this wonderful tradition to help make a difference in a Spectrum families life.  Listen to the history of our Holiday hampers and all the work that goes in to preparing them for our valuable families.​

Food and Cash will be collected in your child’s Block B class, or in the alternative you can visit School Cash Online to make a donation. 

If you have any question please contact Jonathan Berry in room 200 or email at