Scholarship Information

“There are millions of scholarship dollars offered yearly.  The Scholarship Planning Handbook provides a brief overview of information needed to navigate through the process of applying for scholarships.  Included in the handbook is a checklist for students to follow when thinking about applying for scholarships.

Have a look at the Spectrum Scholarship Handbook 

Whenever applying for any scholarship or bursary, always remember to check eligibility criteria and deadlines.  Criteria are varied and may include:  financial need, community involvement, trades exploration, pursuit of the arts, academic excellence, etc.  Check out the links below to see what scholarships might await you:”


Current Scholarships Available:

Loran Scholarship:  Grade 12 students may now apply for the Loran Scholarship.

Information is available at They may also view the application overview and a sample application form.

Students interested in applying for this scholarship may do so on their own OR through the Spectrum sponsorship route.  If you want to be considered for sponsorship by the school you must submit an application to Mrs. Thompson by October 10th.  The deadline for application to the Loran Foundation is October 18th.  See Spectrum counsellor, Mme Tetrault, for information on the sponsorship process.


SCHOLARSHIP/AWARD/BURSARY websites to consider:   This site is devoted to the student loan process for post-secondary education   This is a US based website that often includes Canadian citizens in their eligibility criteria. – register for regular updates by e-mail