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Freaky Friday Poster Drawn

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Welcome to Spectrum Musical Theatre’s Freaky Friday!  Originally a novel written by Mary Rodgers, this enduring story of a mother and daughter swapping bodies and experiences has had a number of adaptations over the years. In this most recent version, Katherine (Mom) and Ellie (Daughter) lead independent lives that converge for one fateful day in a magical body swapping disaster: Entrepreneurial Katherine, is getting remarried and also happens to be planning her own wedding to promote her business, while Ellie has been working towards her school’s annual scavenger hunt that could make or break her highschool career. With a host of colourful characters, and very time
sensitive tasks and events, the story of how this mother and daughter respond to each other’s lives unfolds with humour, love and learning! This year we have a fairly young cast and crew, I am so proud of the work these students have put in to create the show we have today. As leaders, our senior students have helped create a theatre community where each and everyone of the people you will see has grown creatively throughout the year. I feel very fortunate to work with so many talented, kind and courageous young folks and look forward to sharing our learning with you today.
The story of Freaky Friday is centered on the opportunity to “walk in another’s shoes”. Now more than ever, it can seem too challenging, scary or even unsafe to risk the experience or exercise of seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. And unfortunately, we don’t all have access to a magical hourglass that will swap bodies for us. Instead, it is through the work of our friends, family and at times adversaries that we are given the opportunity to understand the world a little more. This story, not unlike the people that help shape our lives, is another way we can celebrate what it means to better understand and be better understood.
Thank you for supporting Spectrum’s Theatre Program, and enjoy the show!
-Kai Barker (Director)