General Information

Internet Safety

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection has been working on increasing children’s online safety.  For more personal safety educational resources please visit  To order a brochure on the subject contact Chelsea Snarr at

Block Watch

Join the Block Watch program in your neighbourhood.  Contact Block Watch Office at 475-4356 email

Learn Now BC website, click here

Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) website, click here

“eResources” for Secondary School Student

Parent/Student Appeals – a new way to reach resolution

When disputes occur between parents or students and the school, the best way to resolve those disputes is through an informal resolution. This includes problem solving, negotiation and conciliation in discussions with those most directly involved in the dispute.  In some cases, a dispute cannot be resolved at the school level.  The student or parent has the right to appeal the decision to the Board of Education.  If the parent or student is not satisfied after the appeal process at the Board of Education level, the decision can be appealed at the Superintendent of Achievement.  For more info on the process visit:


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