Report an absence: 250-479-8271 (ext #226)


At Spectrum Community School, our focus is on student achievement.  We place a high priority on attendance: students cannot succeed if they are not in class.

To report a student absence, the parent/guardian is requested to contact us either by phone, 250-479-8271, or by email, .

Spectrum’s response to absences:

  • Regular attendance is key to  your ability to succeed in your classes.  As a member of this school community, you are expected to attend class, every day, on time.  
  • Parents/guardians, please remember to contact the office to explain absences before hand, when possible.
  • Students, when you are absent for any reason, you are expected to check in with your teacher about making up missed work.
  • In order to support your being in class on a regular basis, absences will be addressed according to the following process:

Step 1: Understand your teacher’s attendance policy.  Refer to your course outline.

Step 2: After 3 unexcused absences, your parents/guardians will be notified by e-mail or by phone.

Step 3: The next unexcused absence will result in a referral to School Based Team*.

Step 4: Continued absences will result in a referral to administration, and a meeting with parents/guardians.  Next steps will be determined at this meeting.

*School Based Team is made up of counsellors, Inclusive Education teachers, the Aboriginal Nations counsellor, and administration.  A plan is made at the School Based Team meeting to support referred students.


The above information can also be found here