Inclement Weather

During inclement weather events, information about schools will be updated continuously on the Greater Victoria School District’s website at 

In the event of snowfall or below freezing temperatures, please consider the following:

1) School Closures:  The school district will assess road conditions at 5:30 in the morning . Our Superintendent will make the decision to close schools at that time (even if the weather warms and roads/conditions improve).  At 6:00 am media outlets (radio, tv, newspaper) and school administrators will be notified of any school closures.  Please listen to your radios/media for updates.  Administration will do our best to get a message out to our community as quickly as we can.  This communication will most likely be in the form of mass email.

2) Cold / Snowy Weather: If  weather deteriorates during the school day, parents are welcome to collect/excuse their children before the end of the day.  Student safety is our number one priority and if you feel collecting/excusing them early, before road conditions worsen, we will support your decision . Please follow regular withdraw protocols – students report to the office to sign out and parents contact the office to excuse them.

3) Driving Conditions:  Most winters, Greater Victoria is not a snowy place. Many drivers do not have experience driving in winter conditions, nor are they prepared for the road conditions that may occur (ie, snow tires, ice scrapers, etc). For parents and those students that drive to school during a winter weather event please remember to:

  • A) plan out safe travel routes to and from the school,
  • B) give yourself lots of additional time for slow moving traffic or potential accidents, etc., and
  • C) ensure your vehicle is winter weather ready (winter tires, deiced and defogged windshield, working windshield wipers and headlights)