Class Schedule


What is this?

Last year we made a minor change to our bell schedule that affected some Thursdays throughout the year. The purpose was to increase our effectiveness in helping all students learn, and to provide structured time for them to either collaborate with other students or to catch up on homework, study for tests, etc…  It is commonly assumed that the primary purpose of  school is to ensure that children are taught, but Learning Communities go beyond this to ensure that all students are learning and are given the skills to ”learn how to learn.”  This remains our goal.

What is changing this year?

Last year we found the time for each collab session was a little long, but the frequency was not enough. Therefore this year, every Thursday will be devoted to collab, but only for 40 minutes. During this time all grade 9 and 10 students will be assigned to a classroom to engage in homework, studies, and seek additional support on their course materials.  Attendance will be taken – you will note “Assigned Time” on their schedules under period 12.  Teachers will be present in every collab room, along with two or three  grade 11 and 12 peer mentors who are ready to help  the younger students.

Students in grades 11 and 12 who are not peer tutors may work in the library, cafeteria, or a few designated classrooms. Click 2017-2018 Class meeting schedule to see our updated bell schedule for the week.

Why are we doing this?

Teachers planning and collaborating together on a regular basis within school hours leads to improved teaching strategies and assessment, smoother transitions between courses, and more effective programs. By adjusting the timetable to allow for greater collaboration among staff, our school can better meet the challenge of continual improvement as we transition to the new curriculum. As well, at certain times throughout the year, all students will participate in grade wide presentations on a variety of topics.