Warm Fuzzy

What exactly is a Warm Fuzzy?

“A spirit of how we interact with one another”

In 1974, a new high school was built in Victoria, replacing Mount View Secondary (established 1931.) A committee of students, parents and teachers decided upon a new concept—a concept that would reflect a new educational philosophy. This concept was based upon humanistic ideals, the objective was to recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of every student and to replace an often impersonal bureaucracy with an aggressively positive, nurturing climate…..this concept was the spirit of the warm fuzzy!!!

The supportive idea of the “Warm Fuzzy,” is a character that showed the “Cold Pricklies” a better way. The disarmingly simple message here was to treat others as one would wish to be treated. The impact on school tone was powerful. For decades, this formula, or variations on it, has characterized Spectrum as an accepting, friendly, supportive place.

The spirit of the warm fuzzy lives on here at Spectrum!