A.)  If your son or daughter is currently attending Colquitz or Glanford, they will transfer automatically.  Counsellors will be visiting for course programming.

B.)  If your son or daughter is currently registered at any other public school in School District #61, you will need to follow the transfer process,  Once you have received approval, letter by mail, please call the school to arrange an appointment. for course programming.

C.)  If you are brand new to the district (currently in private school, in another district, or from out of town) you may apply directly to the school – see the process below for the steps and required forms.  If you presently live in the Spectrum “catchment area”, using your postal code and the school locator on School District 61′s website.  Each school has a certain defined region from which it draws students. Students within catchment will get priority, but early registrations from out of catchment will often be able to be registered.

STEP 1: Required Documentation

The following information is required to register new students to the district a student:

  • Current Proof of Residency (i.e. Hydro bill, rental agreement)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Most recent marks
  • Immigration Information as required

STEP 2: Registration, Course Selection Form and Appointment(s)

  • Complete the 2017-18 Registration Form and provide the required documents (see Step #1)
  • Fill out a course form
  • Provide any special circumstances or assistance that the student may require, such as support for Learning Disabilities, Resource Room, Speech and Language, Health     and Behaviour. Also, please provide all other pertinent information that you feel would enhance your son/daughter’s learning experiences at Spectrum.
  • Send all documents to the school either directly, by fax (250-479-8204), or email (
  • An administrator will call to set up an appointment

STEP 3: Meet with a counsellor

Once the student is enrolled, an appointment with a counsellor will be set up to choose courses.