Counselling Center

If your teachers cannot answer your questions or you need help with school, home or personal issues, you are encouraged to make an appointment with a counsellor. You may make an appoint in advance or visit on a drop in basis.

What if you can’t decide what to do when you finish school? The Spectrum Counselling department specializes in helping students make plans for the future. The Counsellors are experienced in career counselling as are the Career Resource Centre staff

Course Changes or Withdrawals
If you need to make a course change or withdraw from a course, you must see a counsellor. They will help you to complete the necessary forms. The changes are not officially made, however, until the forms are returned to the counselors with the required signatures.

Students not following the course change/withdrawal procedures may find the course included on their report card with a failing grade recorded. Course changes after the first week of a course will not be considered unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Students are encouraged to request an appointment with their counsellor through the counselling request form found on the school website under the counselling drop-down menu or the link below. Students are assigned to counsellors alphabetically based on their last name; this information is found on the counselling request form using the QR code below. 


Spectrum Counsellors are:  (Choose according to students last name)

Peer Tutoring
Peer Tutoring is available if you need it. Please see the LA teacher, or a counsellor if you need a tutor or if you would like to volunteer as a Peer Tutor. It is possible to earn course credit for peer tutoring.

Peer Counselling
Student Peer Counsellors are trained to provide a variety of services for both their peers and the school. Peer counselling empowers adolescents to deal with substance abuse, suicide, loneliness, low self-esteem and other situations which interfere with student learning. Please see the Counsellors for additional information or a referral.

Youth and Family Counsellors

Youth and Family Counsellors provide a range of confidential services for students who are experiencing personal, social or family problems. The goal of Youth and Family Counsellors is to strengthen the social and emotional well-being of youth and families through counselling and related support services.  Students and parents/guardians can request an appointment with Youth and Family through the main office (250-479-8271) or by directly emailing them.