Logging in to the MyEd Student Portal

All students should be able to log in to their MyEducation BC Student Portal to be able to access their student schedules and up coming Report Cards. To log in follow the following instructions: Log in through  https://www.sd61.bc.ca/parent-student-resources/student-accounts/student-myed-account/. Or visit the Spectrum website site under the Student Info tab.  Use your… Read more

Here’s what’s happening @Spectrum

The @SpectrumThunder Environment and Leadership teams out in full force today to keep our school community clean and green :)
@sd61schools https://t.co/2BVKfV3Ym6
SpectrumThunder photo
A giant rainbow 🌈 over @SpectrumThunder was a wonderful sight at the end of our school day ….
Stay safe everyone … https://t.co/yQuTMbAszO
SpectrumThunder photo
What an amazing evening as we honoured our @SpectrumThunder and Mt. View Sports Hall of Fame inductees. https://t.co/UvmdiGmDZd SpectrumThunder photo
@SpectrumThunder band program is back live setting up for a wonderful night of music to our ears :)
@sd61schools https://t.co/g4YJHmFxYL
SpectrumThunder photo
@SpectrumThunder having some Halloween fun- well maybe not so much for Minecraft Steve😟 @sd61schools https://t.co/XDiDvIrTEW SpectrumThunder photo
Today @SpectrumThunder welcomed the @Camosun Pipefitting Trailer for a fantastic day of hands-on learning … @SD61Careers https://t.co/dZfz6pap64 SpectrumThunder photo
An wonderful evening presented by the @SpectrumThunder Alumni to commemorate the amazing career of Brian Whitmore ! https://t.co/wbt00PpMWu SpectrumThunder photo
@SpectrumThunder are taking flight tonight ..Great to be on the court again :) Thank you for hosting @Esqhigh @sd61schools https://t.co/aXgTtIqMRc SpectrumThunder photo
The last few touch ups are happening … The @SpectrumThunder @wethewestfest mural is almost complete !
@sd61schools https://t.co/0tIMBZK9Qx
SpectrumThunder photo
The @SpectrumThunder basketball court mural is brightening up our day :) https://t.co/Nxr4jGUFYc SpectrumThunder photo
Our Spectrum Community School basketball court mural in partnerships with @wethewestfest is coming to life :)
@sd61schools https://t.co/9qoVINrzp7
SpectrumThunder photo

Welcome to Spectrum

Spectrum Community School is a comprehensive secondary school (grades 9-12) situated in the western sector of the Greater Victoria School District #61.

Our School

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