Spectrum Graduation Live Stream Event!

Congratulations to our Graduating class of 2021! To view the Live Stream Event visit the links below: Spectrum’s Live Stream Graduation Ceremony – June 21, 2021   Spectrum’s Live Stream Graduation Ceremony – June 22, 2021

Here’s what’s happening @Spectrum

Day 2 of the @SpectrumThunder grad extravaganza…
The sun has been shining just like these future stars! @sd61schools https://t.co/iCP9KeEilE
SpectrumThunder photo

Day 1 of our 2 day grad event .
This day has been amazing and we are so proud of our @SpectrumThunder Grads!
@sd61schools https://t.co/w6gZImYJBn
SpectrumThunder photo

The Warm Fuzzy has joined a @SpectrumThunder learning cohort from our Grad Class of 2021 for this rare photo op :) https://t.co/hrQ8Adiby0 SpectrumThunder photo

Congratulations Jenna from  @SpectrumThunder for winning Silver in the Skills Canada National Competition #SCVNC2021 in #Photography!
@SD61Careers @sd61schools https://t.co/jehPlrjtoo
SpectrumThunder photo

Congratulations Joey from Spectrum Community School @spectrumthunder for winning Silver in Skills Canada National Competition #SCVNC2021 in #PublicSpeaking
@SD61Careers @sd61schools https://t.co/WPcFiYfIg5
SpectrumThunder photo

Congratulations to @SpectrumThunder 2021 Grad - Elena Surridge, Awarded Most Outstanding Senior Trumpet Player at the West Coast Jazz Festival. Bravo Elena, we are so proud of you! https://t.co/o9dNyU9Dw6 SpectrumThunder photo

@SpectrumThunder present A Virtual Night of Dance... Please join us to watch these amazing dancers showcase a school year full of hard work and perseverance:) https://t.co/xc8VbMFdSi SpectrumThunder photo

@SpectrumThunder Grad Class of 2021 presenting at the Career Life Connections Showcase ... What an amazing journey and it’s only the beginning :) @SD61Careers https://t.co/Xag3iyKAXc SpectrumThunder photo

@SpectrumThunder staff have joined together for today’s Pro-D as part of our journey towards Truth and Reconciliation... @sd61schools https://t.co/JQ9ApxoRtE SpectrumThunder photo

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Spectrum Community School is a comprehensive secondary school (grades 9-12) situated in the western sector of the Greater Victoria School District #61.

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